Cara Yachts is proud to be associated with Nautipark, being an official representative for them in Greece. We can provide launch and recovery for sail or powerboats up to 15 tons.

Nautipark’s range of boat handling equipment and storage solutions is recognised as being among the best on the market. Whether you need to recover your boat for winter or launch for summer you can rely on our experience with Nautipark’s equipment. For more information about Nautipark’s range of equipment and storage solutions, please visit their website here.


Parklev is the complete tool for your boat’s fast and simple launching, hauling, moving about on land, repairs, putting on cradles.

The Parklev is capable of lifting boats of 8 to 25 tons, monohulls and multihulls, sailing and motor boats, catamarans, barges and oyster farming.

Maximum kilometres allowed on the road: 10 km

Exists in TT models and river version for flat bottomed boats

  • Height adjustable clamps
  • Transport of different lengths and widths of sailing or motor boats
  • Compatible with cradling material of the PARKUP range
  • Remote control for handling by one person without physical effort
  • Remote carriage for easy handling

ACA: technical support and soft-docking assistance. Allows you to centre the back of the boat to help put it on the trailer.

  • The handler stands removed from the load during handling
  • Remote independent of each arm to control the plate perfectly

Presence of piloted claps to block cylinders in the event of a hydraulic leak

  • The boats are set on 3 points: 2 back pads + 1 self-aligning V to ensure unequalled stability
  • Extra-large and deformable pads that hug and respect boats’ hulls perfectly
  • Proven durability: hot galvanized – 100% French manufacturing

Official Representative


PARKUP EVO is a cradle for sailing, motor, speed, barge and racing boats. There are two models:

  • the PARKUP EVO 80: Draught ≤ 2 M
  • the PARKUP EVO 100: Draught ≤ 2,70 M

PARKUP EVO is a production tool enabling you to be cost-effective, while providing safety, comfort and adaptability, as well as improving productivity.

  • Useable on pen board, half cradle and cradle
  • Width and height adjustability
  • Compatible with PARKLEV
  • Adaptable to 90% of boats: motors boats, sailing boats, mono hulls, multihulls
  • Easier handling with limited weight (<25kg) & the park wheel
  • Patented quarter rotation, fine tuning operations
  • Without tools or pins
  • A design pad & shaped to hug your hull shapes
  • EC certified cradle
  • Better rigidity & stability thanks to a support leg
  • The handler does not work under the boat
  • Proven durability: hot galvanised – 100% French manufacturing

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